Invisalign is an amazing orthodontic treatment that straightens your teeth using a series of custom aligners. These invisible aligners are removable and can give you the straight teeth and healthy smile of your dreams without using traditional metal braces.

When you use Invisalign aligners, you will be amazed as your teeth are straightened right in front of you! Invisalign custom aligners are switched out once every two weeks and you will be able to tell the difference they are making in your smile in no time! Because the Invisalign aligners are removable, you will be able to take care of your teeth by flossing and brushing as normal. You can also eat whatever you want without worrying about breaking any bands or wires.

Invisalign treatment require just about one year of treatment time in most cases. Compared to traditional braces, which require about two years of treatment time, Invisalign aligners are extremely efficient and convenient. You’ll visit Dr. Steedman once each month and he will check your progress to ensure your goal will be met. Most patients end up wearing between 18 and 30 Invisalign aligners, but this number will change based on your individual orthodontic needs.

Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment in Lake Stevens

Because Invisalign aligners are clear, Invisalign is a nearly invisible treatment. Invisalign aligners are so discreet that many people cannot tell you are wearing aligners unless you tell them first!

Invisalign can be effectively used to correct many orthodontic problems for both teenagers and adults. Whether your teeth require minor treatment or extensive treatment, chances are that Invisalign can help. With Invisalign, we can treat:

  • Over crowded teeth
  • Widely spaced teeth
  • Over-bites
  • Under-bites
  • Cross-bites

Invisalign is the orthodontic treatment of choice for thousands of people for many reasons. You may want to consider Invisalign because:

  • There are no metal elements
  • Discreet and comfortable treatment
  • Treatment is effective and efficient

Contact Dr. Scott Steedman, our Invisalign dentist in Lake Stevens, Washington today to schedule your Invisalign consultation. With Invisalign, we can give you a beautiful smile for today and for the future!